Top 10 most effective pharmacy products for facial skin

 Top 10 most effective pharmacy products for facial skin

Any woman is ready to spend large sums of money just to stay always young and beautiful. Moreover, science does not stand still, and today it can offer to make any means that help to achieve the desired result. It can be all kinds of cosmetic procedures, home remedies, and pharmaceutical preparations for facial skin rejuvenation. We have compiled the top 10 most effective pharmacy products that rejuvenate the skin of the face.

1st  place: 
Geranium oil Geranium is a progesterone, so women over 40 should pay close attention to this oil. It helps to restore the former youthfulness and elasticity of the skin of the face. You can also use the oil for sensitive skin. Geranium oil should be mixed with a fat cream (chancellery cream is ideal) and applied as a mask, IE. apply to the skin and leave for half an hour, after which, wipe the rest with a towel or napkin.

2nd Place: 
Rosemary Oil promotes cellular renewal and increased blood circulation. It fights fine wrinkles.  Blend a couple of drops in with the base oil and apply to the skin of the face. With such a mask, you need to walk for 30-40 minutes.

3rd place: 
Rosewood oil daily use can not only tighten the skin of the face but also slow down the aging process. The oil must be mixed with cream and used as compresses or masks, i.e. apply consistency and leave for half an hour.

4th place: 
Rose oil This oil restores cells, smooths shallow wrinkles, corrects the correct oval of the face, improves skin elasticity, tones up aging skin, and also removes age spots characteristic of aging skin. Add 3-5 drops to a cream or tonic. For eye care, the oil should be added to a special cream.

5th Place: 
Lactic Acid The acid promotes cell renewal, which is so important for aging skin. It also smooths fine wrinkles and refreshes loose skin. Lactic acid can be added to toners, peels, or creams. A little acid (20%) should be added to the water or cream. If you are preparing a peel, then the percentage of acid addition should gradually increase to 80%.

6th place: Nonchargeable Stress, bad habits, and bad mood affect the face, especially the skin around the eyes. To eliminate traces of fatigue and bags under the eyes, it is worth using nonchargeable. Apply the product to the fingertips, make circular movements, massage the eyelids.

7th place
Chronically acid rejuvenates the skin of the face. This is primarily because acid is one of the natural elements of tissues in the human body. Due to its action, processes are activated that are responsible for the production of collagen and maintain a normal water balance. If there is a shortage of this acid in the human body, then the skin becomes dry, begins to peel off, and loses its shine. Take acid and dilute it in warm water and leave to swell. The resulting viscous consistency must be applied to cleansed skin. the product can be applied in 2 ways: Spot on problem areas; On the entire surface of the face. Do not wash off this mask. Apply an anti-aging cream to the solution.

8th place
Soldiery This ointment promotes the production of collagen, tissue repair, and improves blood circulation. Due to these properties, this ointment has a rejuvenating effect, smoothing wrinkles. This product is applied before bedtime to all problem areas of the skin. Many women use the ointment as a night cream.

9th place:
Vitamin E is sold in capsule form to be taken by mouth. The effect of vitamin E on the skin: Slows down the natural aging process; Smoothes wrinkles; Supports skin firmness; Significantly improves blood circulation; Eliminates wrinkles and fights sagging chin.

10th place:
Oily capsules of vitamins Many problems of rapid aging of the skin are associated with a lack of nutrients and vitamins. And sometimes, instead of picking up expensive drugs in the pharmacy, you should try to drink a course of vitamins, which are sold both in diluted and pure form. These vitamins are sold in any pharmacy in capsule form. Today, there are several ways to use it correctly. They can be added to cosmetics or directly rubbed into the skin of the face. Vitamins will help you achieve excellent results in a very short time.

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